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About me

Monica Ivani is an elite Permanent Makeup specialist with 5 years experience and an International  Master trainer for both Beginners and Advanced Artists that want to learn Her unique technique!

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re looking to upgrade your existing skills , we’ll guide you through the most innovative Permanent Makeup training programme in the industry.

Her unique Feathered Hairstroke Technique with a Digital Device has earned Her a Worldwide recognition. She is a global conference speaker and an Industry Leader! Micropigmentation is Her absolute passion and that is why so many Artists travel from many countries to learn from Her!

Monica creates flawless Permanent Makeup that subtly enhances and transforms natural features. Her many satisfied clients return time and again, from all over the world, to benefit from her exceptional artistry which is driven by precision and a great eye for detail. She offers the very latest techniques to deliver truly realistic and natural eyebrows.

Official distributor for  in Ireland and Official Sub-distributor for  in Ireland.

Meet the Team
Monica IvaniMaster trainer, Owner

MonicaMaster trainer

Sharon MorganAdmin/Manager


Marta SzewczykLip, Eyeliner and Powder/Hairstroke Brow Specialist

MartaLip, Eyeliner

Sophie GallagherMakeup, Lash

SophieMakeup -Lash Artist

Hair Stroke Brows
Initial procedure € 450
First touch up (up to 6 months) € 150
Top up (6-18 months) € 200
Top up (18 months-2.5 years) € 250
Top up (after 2.5 years) full price
Eyelash enhancment € 300
Fine Eyeliner € 350
Thick Latino Eyeliner € 450
Smokey Natural Eyeliner € 300
Bottom Liner € 100
Lip Blush
Lip blush € 400
Full Lip colour € 450

(Our Lip specialist: Marta Szewczyk)

Mink lashes
Full make over By Sophie Gallagher (GFACE) € 35
Full set of mink lashes € 60

To book with Sophie: 0863363573 )

Booking Deposit

A non refundable Booking deposit of €50 required for all new bookings to secure Your appointment!

There is a 72hrs cancellation or rescheduling policy! If appointment is cancelled or rescheduled less then 72hrs, the booking deposit will be lost, and to make a new booking, another €50 booking deposit will be required!

All booking deposits can be paid securely over the phone or via bank transfer or through Pay Pal.

Bank details
MyBrows Limited
IBAN IE94 AIBK 9335 7056 2860 75
Before & After care
Before Procedure
  • Please do NOT take any painkillers or alcohol for at least 24 hours before your appointment.
  • No coffeine or workout on the day of procedure.
  • If you are on antibiotics prior treatment, a doctors clearance letter will be required.
  • Try not to have a tan on your face at the time of appointment.
  • Anti wrinkle injections should be performed 3 weeks before or after procedure.
  • No fish oil capsules for a month before.
  • No eyelash extensions for eyeliner procedure.
  • If you are on Warfarin or any other blood thinning medication, we will require medical consent.
  • For Antabuse and Roaccutane medication will have to wait 6 months after treatment.
  • Only for lip procedure! If you ever had a cold sore please get a prescription from your GP for Acyclovir / Zovirax (1500mg a day in a liquid or tablet ) 3 days before and after the procedure.
  • We offer a Patch Test, if you would like to under take it please let Us know and we can book you in at least 2 hours before your procedure!
After Care
  • NO WATER on the treated area at all for 2 weeks.
  • NO sunbeds, sun, sweating, baths or exercise for 14 days.
  • NO makeup or makeup remover, moisturiser or any chemical near the treated area till heals well!
  • ABSOLUTELY NO PICKING or SCRATCHING!!!!! Or you will RUIN the results.

If you do not follow the aftercare, we will know and have the right to release you from any further services.

Opening hours
Tuesday – Saturday
9am – 6pm
Contact - Booking

087 160 7366Call now
(in business hours: 9-18)

Usually booked up for about 2-3 months
The quickest way to book or get more info is to private message on Our facebook page:
Mybrows Permanent Makeup Academy
or email please
Latest news

Alopecia client
We created Feathered Hair Strokes first but then decided to add a little powder on the bottom to make them a little more defined😍❤️
Do you prefer Hair Strokes only or do you like the combination better ?????💁‍♀️
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Before ➡️ Right after procedure ➡️ Fully healed 👏

Beautifully healed Powder Ombre brows and No touch up needed 🙌😍

Absolutely love seeing healed results, because I don’t see it very often . I tell my clients not to come back after initial procedure, if their brows heal well and they are happy with it ,as I know how busy everyone is . So seeing healed results is rare for me but I love these soo much ❤️
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Absolutely love these Healed Brows on this gorgeous gal 😍❤️


Powder Ombre technique can be super soft and natural but it can also be more defined or even bold.
We can create so many different looks depending on your style and wish 💁‍♀️

This lady has a brand new baby and has no time to be applying makeup all the time so she wanted the brows a little more defined and she can easily carry them . Its still natural but no makeup needed 🙌😍💯
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Its perfect for ladies or gents who don’t want to commit to the permanent brows just yet 🌟

Lasting 2-6 weeks

Booked up until the middle of July 👆👆👆

To book PM or email
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Absolutely delighted to introduce our new Brow artist Veil by Aisling Hickey who will be offering Brow shaping and tinting in the studio 👩‍🎨🌟

Aisling is an incredible makeup and brow artist and has worked in some of the most prestigious shops in the country!!
She usually books up 1 month ahead and her services are one of the most sought after in Dublin 🙌👆

Her first day in the studio is the 9th of July and booking up fast 👆👆

We are thrilled, excited and sooo proud to have her❤️😍🙌

To book an appointment with her PM or email to
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